Woods of Ypres

Woods of Ypres were a Canadian blackened doom metal band from Ontario. The band was founded in Windsor in 2002, initially consisting of three members: David Gold, Aaron Palmer and Brian McManus. Their line-up frequently changed afterward, with over 20 members in the band through its various incarnations. The only constant member was multi-instrumentalist and frontman David Gold. The band ended after Gold's death in December 2011, just before releasing their album Woods 5: Grey Skies & Electric Light, which won the 2013 Juno Award for the Metal/Hard Music Album of the Year.

Woods of Ypres was formed in Windsor, Ontario in 2002 by David Gold, Aaron Palmer, and Brian McManus. The trio released the first Woods Of Ypres demo, Against the Seasons: Cold Winter Songs from the Dead Summer Heat, the same year, later expanding to a quintet for 2003 concerts.

That December, David Gold moved to Toronto to begin working on a full-length album. In 2004, the band's first full-length album, Pursuit of the Sun & Allure of the Earth, was released on David Gold's record label, Krankenhaus Records.

The third Woods of Ypres album, Woods III: The Deepest Roots and Darkest Blues, was released at the end of 2007. Contrasting the two albums, critic Laura Taylor wrote, "While Pursuit of the Sun verged on metalized Pink Floyd, Woods’ latest unearths more of the band’s black and dark metal inspirations". In 2008, the band was featured on the cover of Unrestrained! Magazine.

Woods of Ypres played what would turn out to be their last concert in Richmond, Virginia on June 9, 2011. Band members David Gold and Joel Violette recorded the band's final studio album Woods 5: Grey Skies & Electric Light that August at Beach Road Studios in Goderich, Ontario.

On December 21, 2011, David Gold died at age 31, in collision with an automobile near Barrie, Ontario. Gold's death ended plans for Woods of Ypres to play their first ever European tour in early 2012, along with scuttling the planned debuts of new band members Brendan Hayter and Rae Amitay. Guitarist Joel Violette indicated in interviews that Woods of Ypres would not carry on recording or touring without Gold, effectively ending the band. Woods of Ypres' fifth and final studio album, Woods 5: Grey Skies & Electric Light, was released on February 27, 2012 in Europe, with the North American release coming two months later. The band received a posthumous Juno nomination in the Metal/Hard Music Album of the Year category for Woods V in February 2013, and won the award in April.


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